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Google Adwords

With AdWords, you can turn on a stream of ready to buy visitors to your website at the click of a button. The problem is, you can also blow your budget for no results just as quickly. Not with PPC Pro. Our team of Google certified experts are experienced in building high performing AdWords campaigns that drive more visitors, leads and sales. We’re a Premier Google Partner, which means our staff are qualified, our campaigns are well optimised and we manage more spend than most other agencies. This means you can be confident in the service & strategy you receive when working with us.

AdWords Account Setup

from $349 + GST once off
Get an AdWords account built from the ground up, with every single element customised & optimised for your business and high-performance settings in place from day-one.
  • Set-up & optimisation of AdWords Account
  • Creation of Campaigns & AdGroups
  • Creation of multiple versions of Ad Copy
  • Set-up Keyword targeting
  • Set-up bidding strategy
  • Creation of all Ad Extensions
  • Google Analytics integration
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AdWords Management

from $399 + GST per month
Ongoing monthly optimisation and incremental improvements to your AdWords account designed to generate more conversions at a lower cost.
  • Ongoing keyword bid optimisation
  • Negative keyword creation
  • Ad copy testing & improvement
  • Ad extensions testing & improvement
  • Creation of best performing campaigns
  • Landing page testing & improvement
  • In depth monthly reporting
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Google Shopping

If you’re selling online, you need to consider Google Shopping campaigns. Increasingly more clicks are going to these prominent ads for every search. The problem is, Google Shopping is complex. There are a myriad of settings and options which can detract from the performance of your campaigns, or hamper your visibility altogether. Get in touch with us to improve your Shopping results now.

Feed Set-up & Optimisation

from $699 + GST once off
Get high quality, data rich product feeds for Google Shopping. We will also optimise your website and Merchant Centre account for improved performance.
  • Scrape & crawl your site to create product feed
  • Optimised product categorisation & titling
  • Quality checks to improve feed quality
  • Feeds updated daily for fresh data
  • Fix onsite issues to improve feed quality
  • Merchant centre set-up & optimisation
  • Integrate feed with Merchant Centre
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Google Shopping Management

from $399 + GST per month
Ongoing monthly optimisation and incremental improvements to your Google Shopping campaigns to generate more conversions at a lower cost.
  • Ongoing keyword bid optimisation
  • Negative keyword creation
  • Removing "click wasters" from campaigns
  • Device bid adjustments
  • Location bid adjustments
  • Splitting campaigns to improve performance
  • In depth monthly reporting
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Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you have total understanding of what’s going on with your site and your marketing campaigns. At least, that’s the theory! The problem is, Google Analytics “out-of-the-box” simply doesn’t cut it. You need it customised to your unique business needs. That’s where we can help. Our Google Analytics auditing, set-up and consulting services help you get the insights you need.

Analytics Audit & Set-up

from $799 + GST once off
Your Google Analytics account is humming with our audit & set-up. Be confident in your numbers with a professionally set-up Analytics account.
  • Audit of existing Google Analytics account
  • Account creation from scratch if necessary
  • Filtered view creation & spam filtering
  • Event tracking set-up across the site
  • Set-up of Goals for key metrics
  • Funnel set-up
  • Ecommerce tracking set-up
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Analytics Consulting

from $100 + GST per hour
Do you have issues with your Google Analytics? Need something done but don't know where to start? We can take help with by the hour consulting for:
  • Event tagging set-up
  • Google Tag Manager set-up
  • Ecommerce tracking set-up
  • Custom dashboard set-up
  • Spam removal
  • Content Experiments
  • Any other Analytics consulting
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Display & Remarketing

Show your banner ads to highly targeted prospects on the websites they visit. Whether it’s targeting an all new audience, or showing your ads to people who have already visited your site, Google Display Network and remarketing allow you to drive traffic and enquiries at a significantly lower cost than traditional AdWords campaigns. Our team are on hand to assist with banner creative, display campaign setup and remarketing audience set-up.

Display & Remarketing Set-up

from $499 + GST once off
Get your Google Display Network, Facebook Display and remarketing campaigns set-up right with our range of Display services.
  • Set-up AdWords & Analytics audiences
  • Install Facebook Pixel
  • Set-up Facebook audiences
  • Design set of banner ads
  • Set-up Google Display ad campaigns
  • Set-up Facebook Display ad campaigns
  • Google Analytics integration
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Banner Ad Design

from $149 + GST once off
High impact ads designed to get more people clicking. Our team will design 5 banners in the most popular ad formats for use on Google Display.
  • Custom design for your brand
  • 1 x 728x90 leaderboard ad
  • 1 x 300x250 medium rectangle ad
  • 1 x 300x600 half page ad
  • 1 x 336x280 large rectangle ad
  • 1 x 320x100 mobile banner ad
  • Upload to GDN ad campaign
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AdWords Services

Don’t have time to do it all yourself? Our Google certified experts can manage your account for you. Rest easy knowing the same advanced tactics we teach here are applied to your AdWords account.

We are a PPC agency that will make you more money online.

We’ve got the Premier Google Partner badge to prove it.

Less than 10% of Google Partner agencies worldwide qualify for that bad boy.

Here’s how we do it…

Motivated Staff

Our PPC staff earn commissions and bonuses, not the sales staff! That means when you win, they win, and the person working on your account is really motivated.

Clever Tech

Our PPC technology stack means performance & efficiency for your account. Benefit from our phone call tracking, optimisation & reporting tools as standard.

Great Processes

Everything we do is based on processes & internal training refined over years of honing our craft. This means your job is done the right way every time.

You can expect a lot of Account Optimisations…

Manual bid optimisations
Keyword match type selections
Quality score improvements
Keyword expansion & refinement

Negative keyword expansion
Single keyword ad groups
Phone call tracking
Bid modifiers

Device targeting improvements
Geo-targeting improvements
Day parting improvements
Premier Google Partner beta releases

Realistically, though, the above is probably another language to you. So, to make it easier…

Expect a lot of new leads & sales online!